Preferred Risk Administrators. Third party administration for everybody!

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  • Product Design and Pricing
  • Underwriting
  • Policyholder Services
  • Claims Customer Service and Benefit Verification
  • State‐of‐the‐Art phone system capable of call recording and storage of calls
  • Claims Administration
  • Paperless – EDI/5010 compliant auto adjudication
  • Forensic Reviews of Hospital Bills
  • Grievances and Appeals
  • Independent Medical Reviews
  • Utilization Review, Disease and Case Management
  • Subrogation Services
  • Special Investigation Unit
  • Fraud Detection Tools
  • Network Assignment and Eligibility
  • Out of Network Solutions
  • Prescription Drug Programs
  • Customizable Detailed Claims Reporting
  • HSA Administration
Preferred Risk Administrators will take care of all your operational needs.